Free CNA Practice Test

Ready to see how prepared you are for the official Certified Nursing Assistant exam? Take our free CNA practice test below for 15 challenging questions. Don’t forget to check out our CNA Exam Prep app available on the iOS App Store and Android Google Play. Good luck!

1. Your patient has suffered a massive CVA and is unable to move without assistance. Upon entering the patient’s room, the patient begins to vomit fresh blood. What should be your first action?
2. The acronym RACE stands for:
3. The central nervous system consists of the ______ and the ______.
4. An enlarged prostate gland may cause:
5. ______ is the most important nutrient to sustain life.
6. An incontinent patient is experiencing frequent diarrhea and is not changed regularly. As a result, the patient develops skin breakdown over his coccyx, which eventually results in an ulcer that takes months to heal. This might be legally construed as which of the following?
7. Which one of the following is used to help prevent contractures?
8. The process of urinating is often referred to as:
9. Which radial pulse would you want to recheck?
10. When caring for a patient with leukemia, what symptom/sign would you be most concerned about?
11. Your client has a terminal illness and has stated that he does not wish to be resuscitated should his heart stop. What term should be written on the patient’s chart to notify caregivers of his wish?
12. You are visiting a patient in his home to provide AM care. You notice that the patient has several scatter rugs in the kitchen and bathrooms. What should you do? Choose the best answer.
13. Your client weighs 60 kilograms and asks you how many pounds that is. What is the client’s weight in pounds?
14. The term alopecia refers to:
15. Your patient has suffered a CVA (cerebrovascular accident or stroke). You are assisting the patient to dress. Which arm should be placed in the shirt sleeve first?